From customer request my chairs have evolved. They are now available in three styles. I started with the Civil War camp chair that is the standard size.
The tall seat chair sits about 2 inches taller and appeals to those who are taller or have bad knees and want sit higher or have trouble getting out the lower style lawn chairs.
The third style is the same seat height as the standard chair with the back one slat taller.
 All chairs are available with or without the folding arms. The arms are an additional $50.00 and included in the pricing.
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White Cedar Outdoor Furniture
 Each chair is built with white cedar to last.   I build these chairs with 7/8th inch thick side rails and 5/8th inch thick slats, screwed with stainless screws and glued with the quality exterior wood glue (Titebond III) for strength. Any moving parts like arms or table legs are attached with brass slotted screws and lock nuts.  In addition the end grains on the bottom of the feet are sealed with Polyurethane to protect from moisture absorption if left standing on the ground for long periods of time.  I now offer my outdoor furniture unfinished or with a finished of 2 coats of boiled linseed oil. The oiled finish brings out the grain patterns and adds a golden tone.  It needs to be noted an oil finish will weather away depending on how long the furniture is left outside.  I recommend re-oiling once or twice a year to maintain the finished look.  The amount of maintenance is dependent on your weather condition and the amount of exposure.   I have had an increasing number of customers requesting their chairs unfinished.  Unfinished white cedar will weather to a light gray. These customers say they like the gray color and enjoy the lack of maintenance required with the unfinished white cedar.
The chair that I styled my design from was called a civil war camp chair, it had a straight back and seat and not very comfortable. My chairs have very comfortable curve to the back and seat and the two pieces slide one into the other for easy storage or carrying like the original ones. For added comfort I have designed folding arms as an option.  They are built out of Atlantic White Cedar that is light and durable. White cedar is known for its weather resistance and long life outdoors. White cedar is commonly used a roof shingles or siding.
Although theses chairs are often called civil war camp chairs,
 I could not find any historical references these chairs were used in the civil war.
  I have heard and read that it is more likely they were first made by the Boy Scouts from the 1920's or 1930's . 
Civil War Camp Chairs
Chair Evolution
Table, Standard Chair with arms, Standard Chair, Tall Seat chair, Tall Back Chair with arms
Standard Chairs With or Without Arms
The standard chairs are 31" tall x 30" deep and 20" wide and are 38" x 20" x 6 when fitted together for storage.
All chairs with arms are 27 1/4" wide .
Standard Chairs Without Arms
$150 / $175 Oiled
Standard Chairs Arms
$200 / $225 oiled
Oil Finish is an Additional $25
This outdoor furniture is made in America, hand made in my shop located in Preston, Connecticut.  
Please be aware these are custom handmade pieces and
prices and availability is subject to change without notice.
Please contact me if you are interested in any of the item you see here
Shipping for these chairs is not available.  Local pick up only 
Tall Back Chairs and Tall Seat Chairs
White Cedar Folding Table or Plant Stand
$125.00 each unfinished $140.00 with an oil finish
The table top 16 x 16 and about 21 inches tall.
These table are built similar to the chairs in material dimensions and curved legs to compliment the chairs.
Tall Back or Tall Back Chairs w/ Arms
$225 / $250 oiled
Tall Back or Tall Seat Chairs w/O Arms
$175 / $200 oiled
Tall Seat, Standard and
 Tall Back Chairs
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